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Get The Smile You Desire Without Putting Your Health At Risk

Sep 9, 2019

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Modern Life Is Rubbish! That’s what Britpop legends Blur sang about more than 25 years ago – and this was before the rise of reality TV, the political chaos brought about by Brexit and the quest for effective teeth whitening services began.

Having lived through the 90s I totally understand where Damon Albarn was coming from. During the early part of that decade we were still under Margaret Thatcher’s reign and there was little optimism in the country. The outlook was pretty bleak for most Britons – and most of the country only had FOUR television channels to choose from as only the privileged could afford satellite television and there was NO INTERNET!

Those were dark days as a teenager growing up, but if I was given the option to relive that or grow up now in the modern era I would choose the 90s every time – if only because I know that we, as a nation, finally found some hope and gave the public the chance to live life to the full.

Pressures of social media on health

Today’s generation may have access to the internet and Netflix and be able to make contact with virtually anyone from around the world, but they also face the burden of having to live up to the pressures of social media.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have changed the way the world communicates. It has helped to connect long-lost relatives, bridge the gap between superstars and us mere mortals and bring the world together. Unfortunately, social media has also allowed faceless keyboard warriors to vent their spleen, spread hate and be downright nasty to anyone and everyone. People face criticism for everything. Their weight, their dress style, their views … even their spelling!

It also doesn’t help that some social media influencers are portraying an image that is so desirable, yet equally as unattainable for someone struggling to hold down a full-time job or gain a career. They show off their washboard six-packs, sparkling hair and revel in their jet-setting party lifestyle. They make it seem so easy, forcing some people looking for an instant fix to take unnecessary risks with their health.

For instance, we have all seen adverts for charcoal toothpaste. Influencers have been promoting these products to their loyal followers, but, as we have covered in a separate blog, charcoal toothpaste is one of the most damaging products you can use on your teeth. Just don’t do it. It is an abrasive substance and will destroy your enamel!

The Dangers Of Illegal Teeth Whitening Services

We have also seen “so-called experts” offering teeth whitening services at incredibly reduced prices in order to satisfy the public’s need in this get results quick society. But how many of these “experts” are qualified to carry out these procedures properly? Not to mention the surgeries from abroad that promise to give clients cut-price dental implants. Sure, you may save hundreds of pounds, but what quality of care and treatment are you going to get?

At Grosvenor Dental Practice, we know the world has changed, but our number one priority is, and always will be, you and your health. There have been some unbelievable advances in dental technology over the past decade, making it easier for clients to smile with confidence. We want you to be happy. We want you to have dazzling white teeth and show them off because we know what effects a sparking smile can have on your outlook on life.

We may not be able to give you the washboard six-pack or jet-setting lifestyle, but we can help you achieve that Hollywood smile without putting your health at risk. Whether you are looking at teeth whitening, Invisalign teeth straightening, dental veneers or dental crowns, we can help you achieve your goal.

Our dentists are highly trained professionals and are specialists in their field, providing the best pain-free dental treatment available.

If you are interested in our range of dental treatments and would like to smile with confidence once more, contact a member of our dental team today on 01782 848708 or email [email protected]