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Are you unhappy with how your teeth appear? Would you like to enjoy the benefits that teeth straightening offer? Many Brits hide their smiles because they think teeth straightening treatment is expensive and time-consuming. Well, here is something that will make you smile. Teeth straightening carried out by our trained orthodontist, is gaining in popularity. Seen as a speedy and cost-effective way of gaining perfect straight teeth.

How is space created to move teeth if they are crowded?

Correct teeth alignment may mean our orthodontist has to create some space to move the teeth by using IPR (interpoximal reduction). Interproximal reduction (IPR) is a quick and easy procedure where an orthodontic dentist uses some very precise tools. Similar to thin nail files, to change the shape and size of your teeth, primarily on the sides where they touch each other.

How long does teeth straightening take?

This depends on the type of appliance used and the severity of your case. It can take anywhere between 14 weeks and two years to complete. Our orthodontist will give you a better idea of time frames once you have been to see us for a consultation.

What happens at the end of the treatment?

You will usually need to wear a retainer to stop your teeth from drifting back to their original position. Retainers are either fixed or removable. Fixed retainers are very thin wires glued to the back of the teeth. Removable retainers are like thin custom made mouth guards which you need to wear for a number of hours each day.

Before and after orthodontic treatment
Before and after orthodontic treatment
Before and after orthodontic treatment
Before and after orthodontic treatment
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