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Canadian rocker Alanis Morrisette enjoyed worldwide success with her 90s hit Ironic. Throughout the song she referenced several incidents that could be labelled ironic. For example, my favourite lyric is: “It’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife, it’s meeting the man of my dreams, and then meeting his beautiful wife”.

Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?!

However, if Miss Morrisette was to create an updated version for this current generation, she would surely reference the following point. Millions of parents in the UK endure punishing diet and fitness regimes to get beach body ready, yet these same adults are also prepared to let their children eat more than FIVE times as much sugar during the summer holidays.

Now that is ironic!

Some parents are willing to do whatever it takes in the vain hope of looking good, yet they overlook their child’s teeth when all they need is a few minutes each day. What’s that all about?!

Tooth Decay Is Not Fun For Children

As a youngster, the summer holidays are the greatest time of the year. No school, no homework, you can go to the park and have fun in the sun with your friends, you can enjoy day trips to the park and seaside, stay up later than normal and have the best time ever.

Unfortunately, as a parent, trying to keep your offspring entertained for six weeks can be a challenge, so we can understand why using sugary treats as a means of rewarding good behaviour and keeping them occupied seems like a good solution. But ultimately it is not as tooth decay in children is reaching epidemic proportions.

An increase in sugar is not only bad for your weight, it is terrible news for your teeth, especially in the formative years of your children.

The combustible mix of the summer holidays and the steep increase in sugar intake is made even more explosive with the revelation that more than 40% of children failed to see a dentist last year! With tooth extractions being the most common reason for hospital admissions for children aged five to nine and 40% of adults admitting they forget to check whether their child has brushed their teeth or not, we urge you all to step up your children’s dental routine this summer.

Children receive free check-ups under the NHS, so the summer holidays are the ideal time to book in for an appointment and make sure your children’s teeth are growing as they should and decay free.

You can also get creative with your culinary treats, ensuring they enjoy plenty of fruit and vegetables in a fun way, along with their special treats.

However, being a parent is never easy. Even when you think you are doing the best by your offspring by opting for orange juice ahead of fizzy drinks and choosing products that are labelled as no added sugar, you could still be loading your kids full of sugar. Some brands of orange juice contain more sugar than cola, while certain breakfast cereals – which are thought to be healthy – are swimming in sugar, along with yoghurts, puddings, cakes and biscuits. Even BBQ sauce and ketchup contain unexpectedly large amounts of sugar.

There have been plenty of tests carried out on the erosive power of cola. One study on the internet showed a tooth turning pure black within three days of being placed in a glass of cola. So, if coke can do that, imagine the damage some of these high sugar orange juices could do!

Prevent your children from suffering tooth decay with a few of these healthy swaps.

Swap high sugar orange juice and sports drinks for ones that has no added sugar.

Replace that individually packed chocolate cake bar for a slice of malt loaf.

Change your chocolate cereal for a shredded wholegrain version.

Swap fizzy drinks and milkshakes for water and sugar-free options

At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with a special treat or a bit of sugar now and again. What we don’t want though is for our children to overindulge in sugar on a daily basis.

If you are looking for expert advice on how to look after your children’s teeth this summer, and for ideas on what you should and shouldn’t be feeding them, get in touch with us today. We can book your little ones in for a pain-free dental examination and pass on our vast knowledge of dietary advice.

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Some people will go to extraordinary lengths to look their best. Whether that means limiting the number of calories they consume in order to get beach body ready for holiday or being prepared to go under the knife to prevent the ageing process or enhance their physical attributes, people are willing to do whatever it takes in order to achieve their dream look.

However, our quest for eternal youth leaves us exposed to several unscrupulous individuals. These charlatans and chancers are desperate to make us part with our hard-earned cash, regardless of what the health implications may be. And even though we know these characters should not be trusted and cannot deliver on their amazing promises, sometimes they make their products appear so enticing that you believe you would be crazy to miss out on this opportunity.

Over the past decade tooth whitening has been one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures around the world. Everyone desires to have that Hollywood smile. They want dazzling white teeth, as they not only look great, they boost your self-confidence and make you appear more attractive.

Unfortunately, the obsession for our pearly whites to be whiter than white has consumed many people. So much so that they are prepared to try anything that promises to give them their desired result, whether the operator or product happens to be regulated or not. That’s why tooth whitening kits, tooth whitening powder and tooth whitening strips are so highly searched on Google.

Just this month the British Dental Association warned Britons who use unqualified dental operators that they were “gambling with their health”.

The warning came after a man in Northern Ireland was convicted of supplying illegal tooth-whitening products which the BDA said would be like “brushing your teeth in bleach”.

The products contained the banned substance sodium perborate, which is carcinogenic, and excessive levels of hydrogen peroxide.

A spokesman for the BDA said: “This fraudster was convicted for levels of hydrogen peroxide higher than dentists are legally permitted to use. It is the equivalent of brushing your teeth in bleach. Such high levels of hydrogen peroxide are likely to cause irreparable harm to teeth and gums, including blisters and burns to the gum and damage to nerves and tooth enamel.”

We understand not everyone can afford tooth whitening services. Tooth whitening can be expensive, so it can be tempting to take up these amazing offers, but you are literally taking your life in your own hands. You need to know that the people who are offering these services are trained professionals and have the relevant qualifications. You also need to know that the products that are using contain the correct materials and not any banned substances.

At Grosvenor Dental Practice we can provide you with an effective and affordable tooth whitening service that will leave you smiling like a Cheshire cat. We can eliminate stains and leave you with dazzling pearly whites that will not put your wellbeing at risk.

We are a fully regulated dental practice and everyone in our professional dental team is trained to the highest standard. Contact us today on 01782 848708 or email


We often take our teeth for granted, but they are simply amazing. They help us to eat, they give us the best smiles and also enable us to communicate. However, there are so many other incredible facts about our pearly whites – and mouth in general – that people are not aware of. Well, until today that is.

Here are Grosvenor Dental Practice’s Top 10 amazing facts about teeth

ONE.  Wow! Nobody has a smile quite like yours. No, don’t worry, I’m not flirting with you. I’m telling you the truth. Your smile is as unique as your fingerprint. Even though all adults have room in their mouths for 32 teeth, the way they are arranged is unique to every single person in the world. That is why your dental records are often used to identify people.

TWO. Fruit and vegetables play a vital role in our diets. Not only are they natural products packed with essential nutrients and vitamins, they also taste amazing. However, some fruits have a high sugar content that can be bad for your teeth. The worst culprit is dry fruit. The drying process releases free sugars that contribute to a build up of plaque.

THREE. What’s the hardest part of your body? If you said your cranium, you’re wrong. If you said you’re elbow, you’re wrong. If you said your teeth, then give yourself a round of applause. Thanks to your enamel being a rock-hard mineral, your teeth are easily your body’s toughest substance. However, it can be damaged and cannot regrow or heal itself. Make sure your enamel stays tough by using toothpastes, mouthwashes and eating plenty of calcium-rich foods.

FOUR. Say cheese! Everyone who has ever had a picture taken has been ordered to say cheese at some point, but did you know cheese can act like a superhero to your teeth? Whether you prefer Edam, Cheddar, feta or brie, cheese creates a protective film around your teeth that neutralises the acid in plaque. Now, where are those crackers?!

FIVE. Talking of food, there are some products that have an adverse effect on your teeth. Too much red wine can stain your teeth, but curry sauce, ketchup and balsamic dressing can also dull your pearly whites. However, there’s no need to throw your takeaway menus in the bin just yet as eating a leafy salad or steamed veg before your main meal will create a protective barrier. Not only will you be eating better, you will also be protecting your teeth.

SIX. Toothpaste has been around for centuries. The ancient Egyptians are believed to have been using a type of paste since 5,000BC. Unfortunately, toothbrushes weren’t created for another 1,500 years. During this time people were using their fingers or even twigs to brush their teeth.

SEVEN. What have the Romans ever done for us?! That was a famous question made in jest by the Monty Python crew in The Life of Brian. Of course the Romans gave us sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, roads and a fresh water system. They also gave us the first type of mouthwash. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t recommend it today as it was sterile urine!

EIGHT. The average child only has 20 teeth. This number grows to 32 when they reach adulthood. That’s an awful lot of brushing! In fact the average adult will spend 38.5 days brushing his teeth. But if you think that’s a lot, spare a thought for the vet that must look at a spinner dolphin’s gnashers. They pack a colossal 252 teeth in their mouth. Luckily they don’t have fizzy pop and sweets to consume otherwise their toothache would be unbearable!

NINE. Some people may find salvia disgusting but it plays an essential role in creating a healthy mouth. It helps to protect your teeth from bacteria and aids with your digestion. But did you know your mouth produces on average two swimming pools’ worth of saliva over your lifetime? Where’s my trunks, I’m going for a dip!

TEN. Finally, your gums need as much love and affection as your teeth do if you are to keep tooth decay at bay. Because only two thirds of your teeth are visible it is important to brush, floss and use mouthwash twice daily. Plaque is the enemy of teeth. If left, plaque will turn into stubborn tartar which is hard to remove and causes decay.

There you have it. Ten incredible facts about our teeth – and mouth – in general.

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At a time when adults are taking more pride in their personal appearance than ever before, it’s scandalous to discover that more than half of children under the age of four in the UK failed to see a dentist last year.

It is a shocking statistic that could have a devastating long-term effect on the next generation.

While adults take full advantage of the advances in modern dentistry to gain that Hollywood smile – like teeth whitening, dental implants and crowns – more and more children are being admitted to hospital with severe tooth decay.

But why?

As a parent, it is your duty to look after the health and well-being of your offspring. With free dental checks and treatment provided on the NHS for children under the age of 18, I just don’t understand why any parent would put their kids’ oral health at risk.

Children should see a dentist as soon as their first teeth emerge. Not only does this allow the dentist to assess your child’s mouth, it also normalises the process, significantly reducing the risk of children developing an unnecessary phobia of the dentist. They should then book in to see their dentist every 12 months. If not, the risks associated could not only be damning for a child’s baby teeth, but have long-term consequences in later life.

Yet, as we can see, this is clearly not happening, with more than 40% of children under the age of 17 failing to see a dentist.

Modern life can be hugely demanding for parents, but there is simply no excuse for not taking your child to see a dentist for a routine check-up. Some parents may blame working long and unsociable hours, others may irresponsibly highlight the fact that young children will lose their baby teeth any way. Neither is acceptable. The bottom line is parents have to be responsible for their children’s teeth, especially as many youngsters today enjoy a diet high in sugar.

It could be argued that we, as a nation, are becoming complacent about our dental health. With so many advances in dental care – and dentists now able to resolve several issues relatively pain free – Brits may be willing to sacrifice their dental health, knowing that there are numerous options around to rectify their problems at a later date. But there is nothing better than preserving your own teeth and making sure they are strong and healthy.

Give your child the best start in life by allowing them to smile with confidence. Make sure their dental hygiene is up to scratch from an early age and that they attend check ups regularly. Restrict sugary treats and fizzy drinks to an absolute minimum too. Trust me, your children will thank you for it later in life.

If you would like to book your child in for a check up at Grosvenor Dental Practice, call us today on 01782 848708.


Tooth whitening continues to be a popular cosmetic dental treatment – and with good reason. It is affordable and very effective, and can make a big difference to the way your smile looks. It can also provide a huge boost to your confidence.

We are now using the market leading brand Zoom for all our take home kits.

Teeth often need whitening because they have become stained by drinking tea, coffee, red wine and by smoking. Teeth also naturally become darker with age, whitening can make them lighter again, and can have a fantastic side effect of making you look younger.

To find out more about our tooth whitening and other smile enhancement treatments, please call 01782 848708 or speak to us when you come in.


Good dental hygiene may be the key to preventing Alzheimer’s disease, according to a new study.

A link between gingivitis and dementia has long been suspected, but a recent investigation from an international team of researchers in America has further strengthened that case.

The study, published in the journal Science Advances, discovered bacteria associated with chronic gum disease, P. gingivalis, in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s.

Initial tests confirmed the bacteria could travel from the mouth to the brain and that the toxic protein they secrete, called gingipain, actually destroyed brain neurons. They also found the bacteria sped up the production of amyloid beta, a key component of the amyloid plaques that is commonly associated with Alzheimer’s. Further tests found that drugs aimed at blocking the toxic proteins were able to stop degeneration in the brain.

Almost half (45%) of the UK population could be affected by gum disease, according to the last dental survey.

The study was published by a private company Cortexme and its principle author Dr Steve Dominay said: “The findings offer a central role in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s, providing a new conceptual framework for disease treatment.

“For the first time, we are providing strong evidence of a link between the Gram-negative intracellular pathogen Pg and the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease.”

Experts have welcomed the discovery, but have also been quick to warn it is still not clear what role the bacteria found in gum disease has in the development of Alzheimer’s. Previous studies have found links between gum disease and other conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

There is no denying that people with Alzheimer’s have an increased risk of catching infections in their brains, but it is still not clear whether the toxic proteins secreted are a by-product of Alzheimer’s rather than the cure.

Whether there is a direct link between gum disease and Alzheimer’s or not, good dental hygiene will keep your teeth sparkling and your gums healthy.

The British Dental Association has used the news to remind the public on the importance of oral health.

Gum disease can vary from mild inflammation to reddened, bleeding gums and even loose teeth.

If you have any concerns about your gums or are bleeding from the mouth, contact Grosvenor Dental Practice on 01782 848708 or email now.


Dentists are trained professionals who carry out a vital job for billions of people around the globe. They do an amazing job in keeping our teeth clean and our mouths free from pain. Unfortunately, millions of people have developed an irrational fear of their dentist.

Now fear is a feeling we all experience. Some people are afraid of scary spiders. Others are petrified of creepy clowns. Many are frightened by flying. Personally, I can’t stand wasps (what is the point of them?) but I’m here to tell say you have nothing to fear when visiting the dentist.

Now I am going to be biased here, as we have the best dental team in the world at Grosvenor Dental Practice but, seriously, dentists do not need to be feared. Of course, as a practice we are sympathetic to the patients who come in feeling anxious and nervous. We get it, we truly do. But honestly, dentistry has changed considerably over the past 30-40 years and is relatively pain free.

The playground tales of horror visits to see the dentist are now long gone. Many of which were over exaggerated to scare the lives out of siblings and class mates any way. Plus, if you look after your teeth from an early age and get into a routine of brushing and flossing you won’t have to undergo any dental procedures.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, here are five reasons why we should love our dentists.

Dentists Have Your Dental Hygiene At Heart

It takes years of intensive study for dentists to qualify in their chosen profession. They are not going to spend that amount of time studying in order to inflict pain on purpose. If they wanted to cause pain to people daily, they could easily have become an MP! I mean, the only person who loves teeth more than a dentist is the Tooth Fairy! But at least dentists do all they can to keep your teeth inside your mouth and not under your pillow.

Dentists Are Also Looking After Your Overall Health

You may be undertaking a new year health kick, eating healthier and exercising more, but your dentist can ensure there’s no underlying issues with your heath too. Your dentist can show you how to brush your teeth effectively which can help reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Regular examinations also ensure you receive frequent oral cancer screenings alongside your routine check ups.

Dentists Can Protect You From Pain

Nothing comes close to equalling the pain toothache can inflict. It can be excruciating. You can try all the old wives’ tales and online advice you like, the only sure way of effectively treating that pain is to see a dentist. They will examine your mouth, take X-rays if necessary and offer a solution to end your pain. This could result in an extraction, root canal treatment or a course of antibiotics, but rest assured your dentist will – pardon the pun – get to the root cause of the problem.

There’s Always An Emergency Dentist To Rely On

Accidents can occur at any time and toothache can strike at any time of the day or night. Fortunately you can rely on an emergency dental service for swift and effective treatment at all times. Whether you experience pain at the weekend or accidentally had a tooth knocked out in the evening, you can always access an emergency dentist by calling the NHS 111 service.

Dentists Can Give You That Hollywood Smile

Nobody wants to have crooked, chipped or stained teeth. However, sometimes our life and dietary choices dictate what happens inside our mouths. Thankfully dentists are highly skilled in transforming people’s smiles. We can fit braces to straighten your teeth, offer teeth whitening, dental veneers, crowns and bridges. If you are looking to gain that Hollywood smile, speak to our dentists about the range of services we can provide.

We love our dentists here at Grosvenor Dental Practice. We are confident you do too.

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Christmas is a time when normal eating habits go straight out of the window. Nobody will bat an eyelid at cracking open a bottle of Prosecco first thing in the morning or even think twice about having a mince pie for breakfast. In fact, Christmas is such a joyous occasion that people are even prepared to eat Brussel sprouts (eurgh!)

However – and I’m sure hundreds of thousands of people across Stoke-on-Trent will agree with me here – one of the best parts of Christmas is digging into your stocking and tucking in to your sweets and selection boxes throughout the day. My mouth is just salivating at the prospect of breaking open that delicious bar of milk chocolate!

Yes, as Andy Williams famously sang, It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. Children will have smiles on their faces wider than the River Mersey as they frantically unwrap their gifts from Santa and revel in the chance to devour a Fredo before 10am. It’s a chance to meet up with family and friends and lavish loved ones with gifts and treats.

Our message is clear. Have fun and be merry but, here comes The Grinch from Grosvenor Dental Practice, please do not go overboard with the sweets.

A recent report found nearly a quarter of children are starting school with rotten teeth. Worse than that, a record 42,911 children under the age of 18 had to have multiple teeth removed by NHS surgeons – a figure which has been steadily rising over the past five years.

This is a shocking statistic because tooth decay is totally preventable. As a nation we have access to a range of efficient toothpastes and effective toothbrushes. We also have the knowledge of what is good and what is bad for our dental health. Plus it only takes two minutes in the morning and two minutes at night to keep your child’s teeth nice and clean.

Poor dental hygiene can have a huge impact on the early foundations of a child’s life, affecting their confidence, their ability to eat, play and communicate properly.

Eating too many sweets and drinking far too much fizzy drinks have been blamed for the alarming rise in child tooth decay. The Government hopes to combat this with the recent introduction of the sugar tax as child tooth decay is costing the NHS more than £36 million a year in removing severely damaged teeth.

Unfortunately it looks as though children are following in the footsteps of their parents. A recent poll found a third of adults don’t brush their teeth twice a day and 37% never floss. More alarmingly is the two per cent who claim to never brush their teeth at all!

We don’t want to be party poopers, after all everything is ok in moderation. But if you are going to treat your little ones to a mountain of sweets this Christmas please make sure they brush their teeth properly twice a day.

We understand that brushing teeth doesn’t come close to playing with the latest must-have toy or watching PJ Masks, but, done regularly, brushing teeth will ensure you have a healthy mouth and gums for years to come.

If your child does find brushing their teeth boring, we recommend downloading the FREE Aquafresh Brush Time app >> << Captain Aquafresh and his friends show kids how to brush their teeth correctly in a fun and friendly fashion. Children can create their own brush time session, selecting their own characters, sceneries and songs, with more unlocked the more you use it.

So we wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope to see you in the New Year with you and your children’s pearly whites all intact!


Did you know 8,300 Brits were diagnosed with mouth cancer last year? That’s an astonishing rise of 50 per cent compared to a decade ago. But what’s even more alarming is the severe lack of awareness most adults have regarding the disease.

A recent survey found eight out of 10 adults didn’t know where mouth cancer appears and three quarters revealed they didn’t even know what the symptoms were.

The startling revelations have been released to coincide with November’s Mouth Cancer Action Month, which aims to shine a light on the condition and educate people on the subject.

Mouth cancer has traditionally been associated with older men who had a history of heavy drinking and smoking. But the disease is now becoming more prevalent among women thanks to the ladette culture of the 90s and more and more people in their 30s and 40s are now developing the disease.

Cheap booze and chain smoking may be the most prevalent causes of mouth cancer but the explosion of social sites like Tinder, which make it easier for people to hook up for sex, and poor diets have also been linked to the alarming rise in cases.

What are the symptoms of mouth cancer?

There are numerous symptoms of mouth cancer to look out for. These include:

A change in your speech, such as a lisp

Red or white patches on the lining of the mouth or on the tongue

Mouth ulcers that refuse to heal within a reasonable time frame

Unexplained lumps that fail to disappear

Lumps in the neck

Pain with your jaw

Loose teeth

Difficulty or painful chewing

If you experience any of those symptoms it is crucial that you visit your dentist immediately. If detected early, relatively minor surgery can be used to extract the cancer which has a very high rate of success. Even in advanced stages there is a 50 per cent survival rate thanks to the vast improvements in surgery and medication.

Dr Nigel Carter, the chief executive of the Oral Health Foundation, said he was shocked to hear of the survey’s findings.

“It is extremely concerning to see the lack of basic knowledge about the disease, especially as it continues to affect more people every year.

“For so long mouth cancer seems to have gone under the radar. It is now time for us to take notice and learn what we need to, so we can help protect ourselves and others around us.

“It is so important to understand what is most likely to put us at risk, how we can spot mouth cancer and where we can go if we see anything out of the ordinary.”

Dr Catherine Rutland, head of professional support services at Simplyhealth Professionals, added that regular dental visits were crucial to spotting the signs early.

“It is important to know how and where mouth cancer can appear and to be alert to any changes in and around the mouth. Regular dental visits remain crucial to spotting mouth cancer early, as your dentist will examine you for mouth cancer during every routine appointment. However, being vigilant in between appointments and checking your own mouth will also help to find any early signs and symptoms.

“Mouth cancer is beatable, but we have to act quickly. An early diagnosis is vital and can not only save a life but can also improve quality of life.”

If you have any symptoms, want to speak to us about dental hygiene, oral surgery or are concerned about mouth cancer, call us today on 01782 848708.


Why You Should Avoid Charcoal Toothpaste At All Costs

Charcoal toothpaste is the latest fad that everyone is being led to believe will give them the dazzling white teeth they have always craved.

Well, I’m sorry to break it to you but using charcoal toothpaste to brush your teeth is one of the worst things you can ever do.

Don’t get me wrong, charcoal toothpaste will give you the whiteness you’ve always wanted, but it will come at a damaging cost by totally scrubbing off the top layer of your enamel.

So while you will have clean, white teeth, they will ultimately be thinner and weaker and more likely to develop cavities or even break than if you used traditional toothpaste.

Although your enamel is incredibly tough, it has been found that excessive force while simply brushing your teeth can eventually erode it. If you are one of those types of people then throwing charcoal toothpaste in the melting pot could be immensely dangerous.

You see most charcoal toothpaste doesn’t even contain fluoride, which is essential for teeth especially in areas like Stoke-on-Trent and Glasgow where the water companies do not include fluoride in the water.

Charcoal does in fact have many health benefits. It can help delay the effects of premature ageing. It can also be used to reduce the swelling from insects and eradicate oily skin. Just do not put it in your mouth!

It just goes to show how desperate we are as a society to look good. It also demonstrates exactly how much influence social media and marketing managers have over us.

The health and beauty industry has been rife with dietary fads and beauty “tips” for years as they know people will do anything to look slimmer, stay younger and reinvigorate their skin. Unfortunately, these campaigns are playing on our emotions and making us believe that they have found the miracle cure. In reality all they have done is tap into your psyche and convince you to part with your money.

People have died from taking unlicensed slimming pills they have bought on the internet due to the power of the words and images firms have used to market these products. We have also seen celebrities with huge influence on their social media following endorsing beauty products that have turned out to have no or very little value.

Teenagers especially nowadays are more likely to be influenced by what they see on social media and the internet than the traditional and regulated Press. And because they are more likely to be swayed by impressive before and after pictures and video testimonials of happy customers, they are more likely to believe that than actually reading the cold hard facts from the professionals for themselves.

So next time you are walking down the shopping aisle and need some new toothpaste, please do not be tempted to pick up a tube of charcoal toothpaste. Not only is it expensive, it will also do more damage than good to your pearly whites.

If you do want dazzling white teeth then please contact our professional team of dentists and hygienists today. We offer a professional teeth whitening service that will dazzle your friends, keep your teeth in tip top condition and which won’t break the bank. Call our team at Grosvenor Dental Practice on 01782 848708 today.

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