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The Dangers Of Illegal Teeth Whitening Revealed

May 15, 2019

Some people will go to extraordinary lengths to look their best. Whether that means limiting the number of calories they consume in order to get beach body ready for holiday or being prepared to go under the knife to prevent the ageing process or enhance their physical attributes, people are willing to do whatever it takes in order to achieve their dream look.

However, our quest for eternal youth leaves us exposed to several unscrupulous individuals. These charlatans and chancers are desperate to make us part with our hard-earned cash, regardless of what the health implications may be. And even though we know these characters should not be trusted and cannot deliver on their amazing promises, sometimes they make their products appear so enticing that you believe you would be crazy to miss out on this opportunity.

Over the past decade teeth whitening has been one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures around the world. Everyone desires to have that Hollywood smile. They want dazzling white teeth, as they not only look great, they boost your self-confidence and make you appear more attractive.

Unfortunately, the obsession for our pearly whites to be whiter than white has consumed many people. So much so that they are prepared to try anything that promises to give them their desired result, whether the operator or product happens to be regulated or not. That’s why teeth whitening kits, teeth whitening powder and teeth whitening strips are so highly searched on Google.

Just this month the British Dental Association warned Britons who use unqualified dental operators that they were “gambling with their health”.

The warning came after a man in Northern Ireland was convicted of supplying illegal teeth-whitening products which the BDA said would be like “brushing your teeth in bleach”.

The products contained the banned substance sodium perborate, which is carcinogenic, and excessive levels of hydrogen peroxide.

A spokesman for the BDA said: “This fraudster was convicted for levels of hydrogen peroxide higher than dentists are legally permitted to use. It is the equivalent of brushing your teeth in bleach. Such high levels of hydrogen peroxide are likely to cause irreparable harm to teeth and gums, including blisters and burns to the gum and damage to nerves and teeth enamel.”

We understand not everyone can afford teeth whitening services. Teeth whitening can be expensive, so it can be tempting to take up these amazing offers, but you are literally taking your life in your own hands. You need to know that the people who are offering these services are trained professionals and have the relevant qualifications. You also need to know that the products that are using contain the correct materials and not any banned substances.

At Grosvenor Dental Practice we can provide you with an effective and affordable teeth whitening service that will leave you smiling like a Cheshire cat. We can eliminate stains and leave you with dazzling pearly whites that will not put your wellbeing at risk.

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