Airflow Teeth Cleaning

Innovative Dental Airflow Treatment

Cutting-Edge Airflow Teeth Cleaning

Airflow dental cleaning is a revolutionary dental hygiene technique designed to enhance oral health by effectively removing plaque, biofilm, and surface stains from natural teeth, restorations, and implants. This cutting-edge treatment targets the gum line, a critical area where plaque buildup can lead to gum disease and tooth decay if not properly managed.

Unlike traditional cleaning methods, dental Airflow cleaning uses a combination of water, compressed air, and fine powder particles to deliver a thorough yet gentle clean, making it an ideal option for maintaining optimal dental health. By incorporating regular Airflow cleanings into your oral care routine, along with diligently brushing your teeth, you can significantly reduce the risk of tooth decay and ensure a healthier, brighter smile.

The Benefits Of Airflow Teeth Therapy

  1. Effective Cleaning System: Air polishing teeth provides the most effective cleaning system available, ensuring thorough removal of plaque and stains.
  2. Enhanced Patient Comfort: With its quick, painless, and non-invasive nature, Airflow polishing treatment significantly improves patient comfort during the cleaning process.
  3. Sensitivity Relief: Micro powder particles used in Airflow dental treatment helps alleviate sensitivity by filling exposed dentine tubules, providing relief to those with sensitive teeth.
  4. Ultra-Clean Airflow Treatment: Stubborn stains are effectively removed with ultra-clean Airflow dental hygiene, making it an ideal option for pre-whitening procedures.


How Does Airflow Teeth Therapy Work?

Airflow dental treatment is a non-surgical procedure that restores the natural beauty and health of your teeth. Using a combination of air and water, it effectively removes plaque and tartar buildup while polishing the tooth surfaces and eliminating surface discolorations.

This comfortable and quick procedure requires no anaesthesia, resulting in minimal discomfort and no pain for most patients. Moreover, dental Airflow teeth cleaning reduces bacterial load in the mouth, which has been linked to improved gum health and overall wellbeing. Recent studies even suggest a potential link between gum bacteria and serious health conditions such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and diabetes, underscoring the importance of routine dental Airflow teeth treatment.


Reclaim Your Sparkling Smile

Everyday habits like smoking and consuming staining beverages such as red wine, tea, and coffee can gradually dull the brightness of your smile. Fortunately, Airflow dental teeth cleaning offers a solution by gently cleaning and polishing your teeth using the latest non-abrasive technology, restoring their natural sparkle and vitality.

In conclusion, Airflow teeth cleaning represents a significant advancement in dental hygiene, offering patients a comfortable, efficient, and effective solution for maintaining optimal oral health and a radiant smile. Experience the transformative power of Airflow therapy at Grosvenor Dental Practice and rediscover the joy of a confident, healthy smile.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Patients have numerous questions when it comes to Airflow dental cleaning treatments. Put your mind at ease with the answers to the most frequently asked questions..

What Is Airflow Teeth Cleaning?

Airflow teeth cleaning uses a combination of water, compressed air, and fine sodium bicarbonate. It is a powerful dental hygiene treatment that cleans and removes plaque, as well as stain removal from your teeth.

How Does Airflow Teeth Cleaning Work?

Using the latest non-abrasive technology, Airflow teeth cleaning has been shown to reduce the incidence of bleeding gums by reducing the level of bacteria in your mouth. The Airflow nozzle shoots high pressured water mixed with bicarbonate at the surface of your teeth. A very effective dental cleaning method. This combination has been proven to leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean which is equal to a regular hygienist visit.

What To Expect During Air Polishing Treatment?

An average appointment lasts around 30 minutes. Your dentist will clean any large amounts of calculus first using traditional methods and then finish with Airflow. The teeth cleaning treatment uses high-pressure water and sodium bicarbonate, so although this is pain-free you could potentially get wet. Following the cleaning process, you can return to your normal daily activities.

What Are The Benefits Of Airflow Teeth Cleaning?

Airflow Teeth Cleaning is a fast, comfortable and hygienic way to maintain your oral health. It removes plaque and bacteria from hard to reach areas of the teeth, reduces bad breath and helps to prevent gum disease.

How Long Does It Take?

An average appointment lasts around 30 minutes. Your dentist can make you feel clean and bright in as little as one appointment.

How Is Airflow Different To Traditional Scale & Polish?

Airflow offers a deeper clean, that removes stubborn staining and without being harsh on teeth or gums. Airflow is also often faster, more comfortable than a scale and polish clean with less risks or chance of damage.

Can Airflow Remove Stains?

Yes. Airflow can remove stains from up to 5mm deep into the periodontal pockets as well as the surface of the tooth. Using a combination of pressured water and bicarbonate it can remove stains left on your teeth by smoking, food, and drink. It is the ideal teeth whitening treatment without direct contact, heat, or noise resulting in the ideal white smile. Airflow polishing is also ideal for anyone who suffers from sensitive teeth, due to the lack of direct contact and the absence of heat and vibration.

What Are The Advantages Of Air Polishing Compared To Traditional Cleaning?

Airflow teeth cleaning is fast, gentle, and less costly than traditional methods. It has the ability to remove stains from up to 5mm deep into the periodontal pockets and from the surface of your teeth. Leaving you with a brighter white smile in around 30 minutes; no abrasive technique, scrapping tools, or long monthly appointments.

How Much Does It Cost?

Dental practices often provide you with options depending on the condition of your teeth and gums. It can on average range from £30-£100 depending on the amount of straining, calculus, and length of appointment. Grosvenor Dental Practice now offers airflow teeth cleaning for FREE to all their patients who are members of their dental plan. Call Grosvenor Dental Practice now on 01782 848708 now or email [email protected] and book your appointment.

Is Airflow Teeth Cleaning Safe?

Yes, Airflow Teeth Cleaning is a safe and gentle way to remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth. It is not invasive and causes no pain or discomfort.

How Often Should I Get Airflow Teeth Cleaning?

It is recommended to get Airflow Teeth Cleaning done every 6 months as part of your oral hygiene routine. It helps to maintain healthy teeth and gums, reduce plaque build-up and keep your breath fresh.

Why Is Dental Hygiene Important?

Good dental hygiene can prevent problems such as cavities or gum disease which can impair your face shape and your ability to eat and speak properly, cause pain and bad breath. Studies have also suggested that the bacteria from gum disease can travel to your heart and arteries leasing to further issues.