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How A Smile Makeover Can Give You The Smile You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Sep 13, 2021

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.We all want the perfect smile, yet many of us feel stuck with the way our teeth look. However, the smile you’ve always dreamed of is far more accessible and affordable than you might think. A smile makeover is the key to giving your smile an aesthetic boost, along with a confidence boost.

A friendly smile says many things. You can use your smile to signal to others that you feel healthy and happy, say that it is okay to approach you, or let someone know that you like them.

Here we look at what a smile makeover is, what treatments it includes, and the benefits of each procedure.

What Is A Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is a collection of primarily cosmetic dental procedures that improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. The treatment is ideal for you if you have healthy teeth and gums but have other issues such as gaps between your teeth, misaligned teeth, or discoloured teeth.

For many people, a smile makeover is undertaken for more than just cosmetic reasons. You might, for example, be searching for a confidence and psychological boost. You may be searching for a new job, friends, or partner and want to make the best possible impression.

What Treatments Does This Include?

Your smile makeover begins with an initial assessment to inspect the health of your jaw, gums, and teeth. The dental evaluation will involve a visual inspection and possibly taking x-rays or high-definition images of your teeth and smile.

Your dentist will then use the information gathered and their expertise to recommend and discuss with you procedures that will benefit you. The colour, length, width, overlapping, tooth display, and shape will all be considered.

In pursuit of flawless perfection, your smile makeover could include:

Teeth Whitening 
Invisalign Treatment
Porcelain Veneers

What Are The Benefits Of Each Treatment?


A smile makeover offers many benefits, delivered through different treatments. Below, we highlight the benefits of each treatment:

Teeth whitening – This will lighten and brighten the colour of discoloured, yellow, or stained teeth. 

Invisalign TreatmentInvisalign treatment and aligners are effective for correcting or realigning teeth that are not properly aligned. Traditional braces, with their visible metal wires and pads attached to individual teeth, often made people feel self-conscious. However, tooth-colored braces are now easily accessible, and Invisalign aligners offer a transparent and nearly invisible alternative.

Porcelain veneers – A thin layer of porcelain is placed over your existing teeth, which may have chips, discoloured spots, or other flaws. Sometimes we use dental veneers and composite infills to balance the symmetry of your smile, so the left and right sides look perfectly matched. The most stunning smiles come from having the correct smile line, where the line of your upper teeth follows the curve of your bottom lip when you smile. Furthermore, your two central front teeth should have a width-to-length ratio of 4-to-5. We will discuss the different degrees of whiteness for your veneers, making recommendations based on your facial features, such as your skin tone or the colour of your hair.

Crowns – Usually used for functional purposes, these can cover teeth with unattractive flaws. Just like veneers, crowns could be the best solution for creating a symmetrical smile.

Bridge – A bridge can be used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. The bridge is supported by the teeth on either side of the empty space, giving a functional and comfortable bite, in addition to perfected aesthetics.

How Much Does A Smile Makeover Cost?

A smile makeover can include any number of treatments. Sometimes only a single procedure is needed. Other times a combination of treatments is used to deliver the desired effect. 

Of course, the treatment type and the number of procedures affect the cost of a smile makeover. You will need a consultation with one of our friendly and experienced dentists to determine how much your smile makeover will cost. Dental technologies and solutions have advanced tremendously over recent years, so they may be far more affordable than you imagine.

Our best advice is to book an appointment, to discuss your options.