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Don’t Let Bad Breath Derail Your Valentine’s Day Plans

Jan 27, 2020

There are many ways to impress your lover this Valentine’s Day. You can splash out on a new outfit or makeover to look incredible. You can wine and dine them by booking a table at the most luxurious restaurant in town. You can even sweep them off their feet by treating them to a gift they have always wanted. However, the deal breaker could be when you try to seal your love with a kiss.

Being a bad kisser and having bad breath are two of the biggest turn offs for both men and women when looking for love. Fortunately, not all is lost. With a patient lover, you can work on your technique and become an incredible kisser, and with a visit to your dentist you can cure your bad breath too.

Halitosis, as it is medically known, can be caused by several factors including food, smoke, underlying health problems, dry mouth, poor dental hygiene, dental problems and oral infections. Sometimes, a resolution can be a simple fix. It could mean quitting smoking or changing your dietary habits. The rest can be solved by our dentists.

Food such as garlic, onions, some cheeses, fish and spicy foods can have a lingering effect on your breath. While it’s unlikely you will find a dish loaded with these ingredients on the menu of most restaurants this Valentine’s Day, most of the time the effects are short lived and will pass. However, food can also easily become stuck in your teeth and breed bacteria and plaque. This can exacerbate the effects of bad breath. With a thorough and regular brushing and flossing regime, you can minimise the risk of plaque buildup and be in possession of a mouth everyone wants to kiss.

When food isn’t the problem, and you are not a smoker, your dentist will get to the root of the issue. Our dentists will take a close-up look at your mouth and identify any potential causes of bad breath. You may have the onset of gum disease or gingivitis. Your fillings may need replaced or you could have an infection. The one thing you can rely on is that our dentists will go to great lengths to identify what exactly is going on inside your mouth.

There are other issues that could affect the freshness of your breath. You may have an allergy, your dentures may have become loose and even certain medications could have an effect.

The bottom line is, if your breath has developed an unwelcome whiff, book an appointment to see your dentist. After all, nothing beats a good smooch, but bad breath can definitely prevent you from sealing the deal with a kiss.

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