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Six Ways To Make Halloween A Treat For Your Teeth

Oct 22, 2019

Pumpkin with smoke

Halloween is just around the corner and the annual Spooktacular is now almost as popular with children as Christmas. With little monsters getting in the spirit of dressing up as ghosts, werewolves and skeletons, carving pumpkins and painting their faces, Halloween can be a real scream.

Children around Stoke-on-Trent will already have their costumes ready to hit the streets for trick or treating, hoping to return home with an impressive haul of chocolate and sweets. There’s no denying that your kids will think it’s a treat. They will enjoy the spectacle and may even let out a few screams along the way.

However, the biggest scream this time of year will definitely be heard by your dentist!

As dental professionals, we have no problem with children enjoying a sweet treat here and there. Everything is great in moderation. Unfortunately, with so many doors to knock on there is an endless amount of treats available for your children to collect. If your offspring are old enough to go trick or treating with their friends you have no idea how many fizzy sweets they are guzzling down before they reach home, which could lead to significant dental problems down the line.

We all know sweets can lead to the erosion of teeth, but there are a few ways of protecting your cherubs’ teeth while still enjoying Halloween.

Fill up before you go out

Before you venture off into the great unknown, make sure your children have been fed a wholesome meal. Not only will this limit the room for sweets, it will also give them plenty of energy to really enjoy the festivities.

Don’t eat everything in one go

While it is tempting to eat every sweet in your basket in one full swoop, the sensible thing to do is collect your hoard and enjoy them one day at a time. Parents can also use these treats as a reward and dish them out for good behaviour after meal times to avoid tooth decay and gum disease.

Avoid the candy cane

Hard sweets such as candy canes will do the most damage to your teeth as they are extremely hard and the sugar tends to linger around the mouth. If you crunch them you could chip one of your teeth, while if you suck them the sugar still sticks around. It doesn’t matter how you eat them, they are just bad for your teeth.

Don’t skip the brushing because it is Halloween

You may let your kids revel in the spirit of Halloween by relaxing your boundaries slightly, but do not forget about the importance of brushing their teeth. With the average child consuming more than five times their usual amount of sugar over Halloween it is imperative that your children continue to brush their teeth twice a day. We are taking on new children patients. Check out our children’s dentist services.

Don’t be scared by the power of water

Ditch the sugary drinks, smoothies and fruit specials for our faithful friend, water. Not only is water available to everyone through the tap, it also plays a vital role in reducing the risk of acid attacks caused by too many sweets.

Fangs for the advice

Children love dressing up and are prepared to go the full hog to look the part. If they are playing Dracula you can guarantee they will want the teeth to go with it. However, fake teeth and fangs do not only provide a choking hazard, they can also speed up the process of losing baby teeth. Please be careful.

Halloween only comes around once a year, but its effects can be felt for a long, long time. Please, have fun, but make sure you treat your teeth well.

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