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10 Amazing Facts On Our Mouth And Teeth

Apr 10, 2019

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We often take our teeth for granted, but they are simply amazing. They help us to eat, they give us the best smiles and also enable us to communicate. However, there are so many other incredible facts about our pearly whites – and mouth in general – that people are not aware of. Well, until today that is.

Here are Grosvenor Dental Practice’s Top 10 amazing facts about teeth

ONE.  Wow! Nobody has a smile quite like yours. No, don’t worry, I’m not flirting with you. I’m telling you the truth. Your smile is as unique as your fingerprint. Even though all adults have room in their mouths for 32 teeth, the way they are arranged is unique to every single person in the world. That is why your dental records are often used to identify people.

TWO. Fruit and vegetables play a vital role in our diets. Not only are they natural products packed with essential nutrients and vitamins, they also taste amazing. However, some fruits have a high sugar content that can be bad for your teeth. The worst culprit is dry fruit. The drying process releases free sugars that contribute to a build up of plaque.

THREE. What’s the hardest part of your body? If you said your cranium, you’re wrong. If you said you’re elbow, you’re wrong. If you said your teeth, then give yourself a round of applause. Thanks to your enamel being a rock-hard mineral, your teeth are easily your body’s toughest substance. However, it can be damaged and cannot regrow or heal itself. Make sure your enamel stays tough by using toothpastes, mouthwashes and eating plenty of calcium-rich foods.

FOUR. Say cheese! Everyone who has ever had a picture taken has been ordered to say cheese at some point, but did you know cheese can act like a superhero to your teeth? Whether you prefer Edam, Cheddar, feta or brie, cheese creates a protective film around your teeth that neutralises the acid in plaque. Now, where are those crackers?!

FIVE. Talking of food, there are some products that have an adverse effect on your teeth. Too much red wine can stain your teeth, but curry sauce, ketchup and balsamic dressing can also dull your pearly whites. However, there’s no need to throw your takeaway menus in the bin just yet as eating a leafy salad or steamed veg before your main meal will create a protective barrier. Not only will you be eating better, you will also be protecting your teeth.

SIX. Toothpaste has been around for centuries. The ancient Egyptians are believed to have been using a type of paste since 5,000BC. Unfortunately, toothbrushes weren’t created for another 1,500 years. During this time people were using their fingers or even twigs to brush their teeth.

SEVEN. What have the Romans ever done for us?! That was a famous question made in jest by the Monty Python crew in The Life of Brian. Of course the Romans gave us sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, roads and a fresh water system. They also gave us the first type of mouthwash. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t recommend it today as it was sterile urine!

EIGHT. The average child only has 20 teeth. This number grows to 32 when they reach adulthood. That’s an awful lot of brushing! In fact the average adult will spend 38.5 days brushing his teeth. But if you think that’s a lot, spare a thought for the vet that must look at a spinner dolphin’s gnashers. They pack a colossal 252 teeth in their mouth. Luckily they don’t have fizzy pop and sweets to consume otherwise their toothache would be unbearable!

NINE. Some people may find salvia disgusting but it plays an essential role in creating a healthy mouth. It helps to protect your teeth from bacteria and aids with your digestion. But did you know your mouth produces on average two swimming pools’ worth of saliva over your lifetime? Where’s my trunks, I’m going for a dip!

TEN. Finally, your gums need as much love and affection as your teeth do if you are to keep tooth decay at bay. Because only two thirds of your teeth are visible it is important to brush, floss and use mouthwash twice daily. Plaque is the enemy of teeth. If left, plaque will turn into stubborn tartar which is hard to remove and causes decay.

There you have it. Ten incredible facts about our teeth – and mouth – in general.

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